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Special Immigration Solutions is a Canadian firm specializing in providing
immigration services to individuals, families, and companies from all over theworld interested in immigrating, working, or investing in Canada. There are manyways to make Canada your home. Special Immigration Solutions will advise andrepresent you throughout the immigration process with a commitment toprofessionalism and integrity. The process begins when the prospective immigrantsubmits the details of their educational and professional experience in order toimmigrate to Canada.
Special Immigration Solutions is looking for workers to work in Canada . We have
this job vacancies below(1) Receptionists (2)Store Keepers (3) House Keepers (4) Room Attendants (5)Accountants (6) Cashiers (7) Food Packers (8) Fish Packers (9) Farmers(10)Waiters/Waitress (11) Carpenters (12)Doctors (13) Nurses (14) Drivers (15)Engineering Workers (16) Constructions Workers (17) Logistics (18) MarketingAssistant (19)Chartered Accountants (20) Computer Administrations (21)Supervisors (22) Finance Marketing (23) Human Resources Marketing (24) SalesWorkers (25) Bank Jobs (26) Executive Assistants (27)Office Assistants (28) Chef
Mr. Paul Howard
Email:  Jobs@specialimmigrationsolutions.com
Email: specialimmigrationsolutions@yahoo.com

Email: specialimmigrationsolutions@gmail.com

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