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Udaipur, Rajasthan, India

1. To do rotational duties, as per the requirement in the hospital. 2. You shall not leave your post without giving charge to the reliever. At least one RMO should always be present inside the Department. 3. To take periodical rounds of all admitted patients. 4. To ensure discipline among other junior staffs posted in the department. 5. To organize and render hospital services according to hospital order and policies issued by the higher authorities. 6. To ensure prompt treatment of all emergencies. 7. To take patient's history and examination upon his/her admission. 8. To complete all admission formalities and preparation of case sheet. 9. To completely fill up the 'CASE HISTORY SHEET' part of the IPD case sheet, after patient's admission and stabilization and to get it countersigned by the concerned Consultant. 10. To prepare discharge summary of all cases using the hospital software, in consultation with admitting consultant. 11. To examine patients of the hospital and check their vitals at least twice a day or as often as necessary. 12. To accompany the specialist on round, if not preoccupied with more important work. 13. To ensure that nurses are carrying out timely treatment as per order of consultants. 14. To assist nurses in difficult procedures and even carry out these procedures yourself such as putting an IV line, starting a ventilator, taking an ECG etc. 15. To undertake emergency procedures such as resuscitation. 16. To ensure that documentation is complete in all respect and is legally written. 17. To ensure that investigations are being carried out and results are received on time. 18. You shall not use unauthorized abbreviations while writing prescriptions. 19. To implement infection control methods and to ensure compliance of biomedical waste disposal norms. 20. To ensure secrecy of medical documents. 21. To hand over your charge to next incumbent properly and completely. 22. To counsel patients on discharge, about post discharge medication, diet and other precautions. 23. To inform admitting consultant, of changes in medical condition of the patients.
Tech Head (Full stack developer) 217
Schbang Digital Solutions
Mumbai, Maharashtra, India

Primary Responsibilities Responsible for directing and overseeing the operations of the department. The Tech head is responsible for overseeing and leading the work of a group of people in many instances. This individual is responsible for the overall planning, execution and success of complex software solutions to meet client’s needs. Major responsibilities: ? Solid knowledge of PHP, MySQL, JSON, and XML ? Proven experience building data-driven web applications ? Familiarity with design patterns such as MVC ? Extensive knowledge of social media API’s such as Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest etc. ? Experience with Open Source PHP frameworks such as WordPress , Drupal and Joomla ? Comfortable with data modeling, stored procedures, and views ? Great skills in HTML, CSS, JavaScript and cross browser implementations ? Strong analytical and problem-solving skills ? Experience and knowledge about the cool stuff in HTML5 and CSS3 ? JavaScript framework experience, preferably jQuery. But you know your way around the DOM, AJAX, and JSON regardless ? Proficiency and familiarity with CSS/JavaScript frameworks and utilities such as HTML5 Boilerplate, jQuery, Modernizr, Firebug, JSLint, minification, and others ? Ability to work closely with front end & back end developers ? JavaScript/ jQuery skills / HTML / CSS ? C/Perl/shell scripting ? Experience building large, scalable applications ? Experience building custom content management systems ? Unix/Linux administration and Apache configuration ? Passion and follow through for their work. Excited and curious about learning new technology, as well as the sharing of ideas. Exceptional collaboration, listening, written, and verbal communication. Able to own individual projects as well as the ability to work within a team. Experience 7+ years Compulsary Softwares/Skills PHP, MySQL, CSS/ CSS#, HTML/HTML5, strong in Javascript, Magento, Wordpress, Photoshop, Dreamweaver or similar, MS Office, Laravel, Vue, React

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