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Jobs In Jaipur

Jaipur, Rajasthan 302006, India


- Establish process for hiring of quality resources
- Use internal resources to collate data and references to complete hiring
- Ensure efficient hiring strategy
- Provide offers and complete induction of new employees

Talent Management:

- Complete HR Review process as per system
- Build succession plans and bench strength
- Complete development of Key resources
- Hire where required, de risk organization
Performance Management Process:

- Establish our Performance Process within the business
- Communicate and train employees in running these processes
- Complete Goal Setting and Review of Performance
- Make right analysis to determine payouts
- Complete Payout Process
- Provide necessary inputs on compensation trends for various business divisions
- Complete process and submit plans to the CEO
Employee Engagement:
- Initiate actions plans for Employee engagement programs
- Intimate group activities to increase engagement within the workplace
- Plan effective induction of new employees and complete this process with 100% retention in the 1st year
- Initiate cross functional interventions to improve internal communication
- Enable identification of needs
- Building the training calendar and execution
- Complete effectiveness of training
- Establish audit and compliance process as per the industry standards
- Overall productivity & costs maintained for all HR and people strategies

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