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GMAC Bias and Sensitivity Consultant

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: 05-24-2019

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English, Cultural Knowledge, Cross-Cultural Knowledge

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Scantron is recruiting for a consultant position for the Graduate Management Admission CouncilTM (GMACTM). GMAC is looking for Bias and Sensitivity Consultants to review test items for its assessment portfolio. Consultants will need to have insights and knowledge about the issues of diversity, and be able to effectively evaluate the cultural and gender fairness of test materials.   

Consultants will review a batch of up to 150 test items, 1-2 times per year (estimated time of 8-12 hours per batch). All item review work will be conducted remotely.

Consultants will be focused on confirming that test items are appropriate for global use by ensuring items do not contain language, roles, situations, or contexts that could be considered offensive or demeaning to any population, and that topics are similarly well-understood across all cultural groups.

Expertise in test subject area is not required. Orientation will be provided prior to first review and conducted remotely.

Qualified individuals will have:

  • Bachelor’s degree or higher
  • Exceptional grasp of the English language
  • Strong attention to detail
  • Ability to devote necessary time when selected for a project
  • Access to non-public computer, secure internet connection, and email


  • Insights and knowledge about the sensitivities, taboos, and interests of the groups being represented
  • Experience reviewing test questions from standardized tests to ensure fairness of questions for all test takers
  • Involvement in publication(s) regarding the group/culture being represented
  • Deep understanding of multiple cultures or cross-cultural concerns.
  • Professional experience in a post-secondary educational setting (e.g. school administrator, university professor, etc.)
  • Graduate work/Professional certification in: translation, international relations, international affairs, cross-cultural communication, or gender studies, or a minimum 1-5 years of experience in the field


If interested, please send résumé to

NOTE: Only résumés submitted in Word or PDF formats can be accepted. Please do not supply a website.

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